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And now the [community profile] go_exchange reveals are up! I wrote Teatime with Brother Francis for [personal profile] toasty_fresh! And my gift (which I was remiss in pimping at the time, due to traveling without reliable internet) was art(!!!) by the wonderful [personal profile] ghot. It's a beautiful watercolor of Agnes Nutter knitting a Gryffindor scarf!! :D

Go look and tell her it's amazing!

And here's the re-post of Teatime, for my own purposes and for those of you who may not have read it yet. I'd never written in the Good Omens verse before and I was really apprehensive, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I'm pleased with how this turned out and I'll be back next year!

Title: Teatime with Brother Francis
By: [personal profile] winterthunder
Rating: G
Word Count: 2552
Summary: Nanny Ashtoreth knew that something was wrong far before anyone else, even Brother Francis.

True to form, little Warlock had taken forever to fall asleep. )
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After several moments of calculated insanity spread over the course of a few days or so, I decided to make a claim over at [profile] 100quills.

001.Pretend. 002.Desire. 003.Fog. 004.Today. 005.Freckles.
006.Thrive. 007.Sound. 008.Ends. 009.Home. 010.Jealousy.
011.Dance. 012.Despair. 013.Secret. 014.Disheveled. 015.Plain.
016.Sweet. 017.Deafening. 018.Exhaustion. 019.Surrender. 020.Fluid.
021.Rage. 022.Heartless. 023.Silk. 024.Box. 025.Stable.
026.Independence. 027.Melody. 028.Fire. 029.Years. 030.Bonds.
031.Fever. 032.View. 033.Snow. 034.Old. 035.Waste.
036.Pretty. 037.Mystery. 038.Hush. 039.Reminisce. 040.Nothing.
041.Questions. 042.Friendship. 043.Disguise. 044.Window. 045.Fade.
046.Wish. 047.Fortune. 048.Tender. 049.Vigil. 050.Sister.
051.Star. 052.Completion. 053.Fear. 054.Ring. 055.Sorrow.
056.Bane. 057.Laugh. 058.Duty. 059.Sorry. 060.Desert.
061.Time. 062.Drive. 063.Haunted. 064.Seasons. 065.Devotion.
066.Flowers. 067.Vision. 068.Brother. 069.Close. 070.Misery.
071.Lying. 072.Nuance. 073.Hope. 074.Breathe. 075.Solid.
076.Food. 077.Colorless. 078.Touch. 079.Blood. 080.Candle.
081.Hot. 082.Vanish. 083.Compassion. 084.Soul. 085.Twilight.
086.Truth. 087.Smooth. 088.Cruel. 089.Redemption. 090.Vigilance.
091.Foreshadow. 092.Air. 093.Search. 094.Poison. 095.Sunrise.
096.Death. 097.Hours. 098.Kiss. 099.Innocence. 100.Sacrifice.

Over the next few yearsmonths or so I will be writing a fanfic involving Tonks for each of those 100 prompts. I'm excited; I think it will be fun and a good way to challenge myself and I hope people will like reading them.


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