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Name:Amazing Little Ecosystem
Birthdate:May 4
Passing a Truck Full of Chickens at Night on Highway Eighty
by Jane Mead

What struck me at first was their panic.
Some were pulled by the wind from moving
to the ends of the stacked cages,
some had their heads blown through the bars –

and could not get them in again.
Some hung there like that -- dead –
their own feathers blowing, clotting

in their faces. Then
I saw the one that made me slow some –
I lingered there beside her for five miles.

She had pushed her head through the space
between the bars – to get a better view.
She had the look of a dog in the back

of a pickup, that eager look of a dog
who knows she’s being taken along.
She craned her neck.

She looked around, watched me, then
strained to see over the car – strained
to see what happened beyond.

That is the chicken I want to be.

I am finishing fourth year at NC State University, majoring in Animal Science and Spanish.

I am very liberal and I have a lot of odd theories, which I like to bounce off of my friends and family on a regular basis. My journal has evolved to become mostly friends only, though I will post publicly every so often. All of my fanfic will be public.

I write Molly Weasley and Rita Skeeter on hp_dungeons, a Harry Potter roleplay that's now in its 4th year. Go take a look- these people are amazing writers and I'm honored to be working with them.

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Since LiveJournal's asinine policies have forced some of my favorite communities into lockdom, I would like to announce to the world that I am over 18.
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