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So, Mac people! First, does anyone happen to have the restore disks for a Powerbook G4? I find myself unwilling to pay for diagnostics and time on a problem that has a 50% chance of being too expensive to fix (logic board vs. DC-in board), but I can't seem to place my hands on my restore disks to do the hardware tests myself.

Second, as the power icon on my laptop flickers between charging and not, despite being plugged in the entire time, I'm backing up like a crazy thing and surfing the Apple website for a replacement. I think I'm leaning towards an iMac, just because to get to the processing level of what I'd like to do this time around is a difference of around $400 between desktop and laptop world. :( That said, the software that they offer has changed quite a bit since I did this 5 years ago. Does anyone have any experience with/comments on the following?

-iWork vs. MS Office Suite: I'll be going into another very Windows heavy environment, and I'll actually be using Parallels to run SAS and EpiSuite on the desktop (hence the need for extra processing power), so I'm leaning towards the MS just for compatibility.
-Final Cut Express: I'll be getting the Adobe Web Premium suite (Dreamweaver Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Soundbooth, Acrobat, and Contribute), so I'm not sure if I'm duplicating functions with this one or not. I am planning on doing promotion both for my book and a couple of business ideas, so I may have a need for a video editing software with a bit more oomph than iMovie. Of course, I could always buy it when the need arises, but it's nice to have it pre-installed.
-Bento 2: I want to explore this site a bit more, but it looks really cool. Creating custom databases? I can think of about 10 different ideas for that off the top of my head, from world building to recipe organization. Yes, I'm a dork, why do you ask? :D

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Date: 2009-07-04 03:05 am (UTC)
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I have *a* restore disc for a Powerbook G4 - assume they are all alike? Email me your address - I can dig it out tomorrow and mail it to you on Monday, if you still need it.


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