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As an NCSU alumni and a someone who represented the university on a national level during my time as a student, I am extremely disappointed by recent events at my alma mater. It's not the hiring of Mary Easley that I object to; despite the less than open conditions surrounding her hiring, she was a valuable member of NC State's staff, and it is to the benefit of a university to have influential staff members. No, I am disappointed by the elementary mistake you made in handling the publicity surrounding her recent termination. You lied about something that was public record. Did you really not think that the truth would get out? Had you been honest and explained your motivations clearly from the beginning, what started as something somewhat distasteful in light of the budget crisis would have remained just that, and been forgotten within a week. But no, instead you lied, and you continue to lie, and now the university has lost not only a provost but its chancellor, and must go through the expense and uncertainty of replacing you at the same time that it is facing drastic budget cuts. Your departure not only leaves holes in the university's leadership, but leaves the students without two vocal advocates. As someone who had contact with and respected both of you during my time as a student, I have to say that I expected better.

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