Aug. 15th, 2009

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And then I actually did die! Sort of. Ok, not really, it just felt like I did. But I'm alive now, and I made it through the stomach bug without puking on anything irreplaceable. Yay? Now I get to figure out how many extra hours I need to shoehorn into the next pay period to have enough on tax day.

In lieu of an actual update, links!

First, [personal profile] liz_marcs is kindly hosting an ongoing discussion of health care stories from the US and elsewhere in her journal. Go read, learn, and ask questions of your fellow journalers.

Second, the White House has released their version of a viral e-mail. It needs a bit of help. As various commenters have mentioned, it's too long, has a slightly confusing organization, and lacks both a hook and a sparkly gif. That said, it's not hopeless... Anyone up for helping trim this into three viral e-mails, giving them a bit of polish and sending them on their way? I lack the ability to create something sparkly, but I do plan to do some re-writing on it and I'll see if I can get permission to use some good hook stories from the lovely people over in [personal profile] liz_marcs's journal.

EDIT: Someone already did it! Still considering splitting it up, but here's a draft to be getting on with. Start spreading the e-mail, kids. :D

Third, I found this to be a nice theory about the mentality of a certain sci-fi author who has been causing offense of late, not to mention certain leaders in the Republican party.

And finally, for the US people reading, please write your senators and representatives to ask them to support this:


It's been introduced in the House, and has a sponsor in the Senate. Why am I bringing this to your attention? The federal government has several critical need areas in which there is already a shortage of trained individuals, or such a shortage is projected. These areas include engineering, medicine and public health, foreign languages, information technology and law. The Roosevelt Scholars act would create a civilian corps similar to the ROTC programs, which have been wildly successful in recruiting the best and the brightest into the military. In exchange for tuition and a small stipend, Roosevelt Scholars would take a federal position for a minimum of three years after graduation. You can find more information, including a petition, here.

Personally, I would like to apply to be a Roosevelt Scholar, and I can't do that if the bill doesn't pass, so go forth and encourage your respective politicians to be supportive!


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